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Dithiocarbamates was found to be used as rubber accelerator by German FritzHofmanne in 1912 . Moreover ,Rubber accelerator ZDEC is representative product in dithiocarbamates accelerators . And it is also the most widely used product in rubber industry .

In the 20th century .Dithiocarbamates accelerators had been to be indispensable product in vulcanization accelerators system .Although dosage is not big . It plays a significant role in rubber processing . An antioxygen in adhesive systems.

Function: Konson rubber accelerator ZDEC is A fast curing primary or secondary effective ultra-accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber . It is also as fast curing accelerator in NR and SBR latex .

Application :
As universal accelerator in latex .
It is good activator in Thiazoles and sulfenamide accelerator .As water-insoluble accelerator of latex and has little effect to stability of latex .
No pollution,Non-discolouring,Non-toxic, inodorous, it can be used as white or color and transparent rubber products .It also has function of plasticizer and Shrinkage agent in CR.Mainly use in Medical products、rubberized fabric、Self-curing product.

Dosage :
As primary accelerator in NR : 1 phr ZDEC with 2.5 phr sulphur .
In styrofoam with NR or SBR carrier : 1.5 phr ZDEC 、1 phr ZMBT and 2.5 phr sulphur .
In EPDM: ZDEC usually used together with other Dithiocarbamates accelerators .

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