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What are the advantages of pre-dispersed rubber chemical masterbatch ?

1. Friendly Environmentally. Avoid dust pollution in the workshop and protect workers’ health.

2. Dispersibility is good and uniform.

3.Good compatibility with the rubber compound. can save mixing time.

4. Easy to weigh  and suitable for automatic continuous sputum, easy to transport and storage.

5. No loss during processing. so the quality between batches is stable.

6. Good development prospects. Pre-dispersed rubber chemical masterbatch is mainly used in high-quality precision products in China, such as high-grade rubber shoes, automotive rubber products and high-quality rubber pipe fittings. In the field of automotive applications, Chinese tire companies have introduced a number of radial tire production lines, which have begun to use pre-dispersed masterbatch products in order to improve automation. With the increase of the meridian rate of tires in China, there is still much space for growth in the future of pre-dispersed masterbatch. The granulation deep processing of existing powders and liquid auxiliaries is an inevitable trend in the development of rubber auxiliaries.

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