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Rubber accelerator TDEC is a kind of super accelerator used to NR,NBR,SBR.EPDM. Commonly, using with some other kind of accelerators such as benzothiazole, sulfenamide. In IIR it results in extremely fast curing,Konson® TDEC is non-staining and non-discoloring. It can be used as a primary accelerator in some continuous cure applications.A fast velocity at vulcanizing temperature can be obtained, and intensile can be increased. Suitable for making inner tube of tires, soft tube, isolating layer of wire and cable, etc.It would result in increased tensile strength and modulus in sulfur vulcanization. Please be adivsed that in the application of Konson® TDEC N-nitrosodiethylamine can be formed by the reaction of diethylamine, a decomposition product, with nitrosating agents (nitrogen oxides) .Don’t use for manufacturing the products contacting with foods. Konson® TDEC is regulated for use in articles in contact with food as specified under BgVV XXI, Category 4.

Prdocution technology :

  1. Main equipment :

Enamel reactor

Metering pump

Fluid reservoir

Circulating water vacuum pump

Vacuum drying oven

Filtering tank

Sieving machine

Electrothermal melting point tester

  1. Main raw material


Sodium hydroxide(NAOH)

Carbon disulfide(CS2)

Sodium tellurite solution(Na2TeO3)

Hydrochloric acid solution

  1. Synthetic routes

Note :

The most important key is to control temperature in process of synthesis of DDTC . Also pay attention to the ventilation to avoid raw material volatilization . PH value is also very important .The TDEC quality would be best in PH 8.7-9.3 .

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