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Rubber accelerator price trend information

In past September and October . Some main manufacturers from Hebei、Shandong was restricted to produce due to influence by Chinese environmental policies . Parts of them had suspended production for long time . Especially a serious shortage of rubber accelerator MBT which use acid-alkali method technology lead to price continued to rise .In addition . Parts of Chinese rubber accelerator manufacturer would have to cut the operating rates due to the short supply of carbon disulfide recently. This is also very important factor resulting in price increasing . In October . The price of rubber accelerator CBS and rubber accelerator TBBS is going up RMB500-1000/MT .

Market and policy influence

First of all . Market remains weak . Affected by China-American trade war、European Union Anti-dumping and Domestic Environmental supervision policies . Downstream Tires enterprise star up slowly . The order status of terminal corporation is so-so . Negative to buy raw material . Overall requirement drives the rubber additive market very limited .

Secondly . The price trend of raw material is going to be strong . Since November . As main raw material for rubber accelerator MBT ,Aniline’s price is going up more . Average rising of RMB1500-2000/MT . Other relative rubber accelerator MBTS, CBS,TBBS approximately increased 5%-8% .

In general , Shortage supplying and increasing price would be ordinary state before 2019 .

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