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  • Rubber Antiscorching Agent CTP


    Chemical Name  N-(cyclohexylthio)Phthalimide Molecular Formula  C14H15O2SN Molecular Weight  261.34 CAS No. 17796-82-6 Specifications Q/KES274-2007  Item Specifications Appearance   White or light-...

  • Rubber Crosslinking agent TCY


    Chemical Name 2,4,6-Trimercapto-s-triazine    Molecular Formula C3H3N3S3 Molecular Weight177.3 CAS No : 638-16-4 Specifications  Q/KES336-2007 Items Specifications Appearance           Light-yellow...

  • Rubber Vulcanizing Agent DTDM


    Chemical Name   4,4’-Dithio Dimorpholine   Molecular Formula  C8H16N2S2O2 Molecular Weight  236 CAS No.  103-34-4 Specifications  Q/KS24-2007  Item  Specifications Appearance White or light-yellow ...

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