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  • What are the advantages of pre-dispersed masterbatch ?


    What are the advantages of pre-dispersed rubber chemical masterbatch ? 1. Friendly Environmentally. Avoid dust pollution in the workshop and protect workers’ health. 2. Dispersibility is good...

  • Chinese rubber chemical market summary


    Chinese rubber chemical market summary (2018-2019) In 2018, it has been a perfect ending. The overall market demand is not as prosperous as expected in the previous year. The rubber industry has un...

  • Global rubber chemicals market (2024)


    Global rubber chemicals market can reach 6.1 billion US dollars (2024) Recently, the American research company released a rubber chemicals market development report.The mentioned rubber chemicals m...

  • Rubber accelerator price trend information


    Rubber accelerator price trend information In past September and October . Some main manufacturers from Hebei、Shandong was restricted to produce due to influence by Chinese environmental policies ...

  • what is rubber accelerator ZDEC


    Dithiocarbamates was found to be used as rubber accelerator by German FritzHofmanne in 1912 . Moreover ,Rubber accelerator ZDEC is representative product in dithiocarbamates accelerators . And it i...

  • Global rubber accelerator supplier


    Konson chemical is professional supplier and manufacturer of Rubber chemical,Rubber accelerator ,rubber antioxidant Products cover CBS,NOBS,DCBS,MBT,CMBT,TDEC,ZMBT,ZDEC, ZDBC,ZDMC,ZEPC, ZDTP,ZBEC,Z...

  • rubber antioxidant in China


    rubber antioxidant in China

  • rubber chemical manufacturer in China


    rubber chemical manufacturer in China

  • what is plastic additives


    Plastic additives, also known as plastic additives, are compounds that must be added to improve the processability of the polymer during processing or to improve the performance of the resin itself...

  • How to synthesize rubber accelerator TDEC


    Rubber accelerator TDEC is a kind of super accelerator used to NR,NBR,SBR.EPDM. Commonly, using with some other kind of accelerators such as benzothiazole, sulfenamide. In IIR it results ...

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