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Molecular Formula : Ca[CH3 (CH2)16COO]2

Molecular Weight  606

CAS No.  1592-23-0

 Specifications  HG/T 2424-2012

AppearanceWhite powder
Melting Point °C 145-155
Calcium Content %       6.6±0.2
Moisture %   3.0
Free Fatty Acid(As Stearic acid) %  ≤0.50
Ash % 9-10.5
Fineness(thr 325 mesh),% ≥99

Description White fine powder, nontoxic, soluble slightly in hot alcohol. It will absorb moisture in air and decompounds into stearate and calcium when meeting strong acid.Calcium Stearate is a calcium salt of commercial Stearic Acid. Calcium stearate can be added to Resin Coated Sand, as an additive during the coating operation, to provide improved release of cores or molds made with the resin coated sand using the Croning or Shell Process. In addition,the presence of calcium stearate improves the flowability of the coated sand, aiding in the production of good, quality shell cores and molds. Borden Calcium Stearate High Density is specially designed to minimize loss of calcium stearate during the coating process. In addition,the free flowing, non-caking nature of Borden Calcium Stearate High Density makes it more suitable for any blending application than conventional calcium stearate.

Applications  Widely used as heat stabilizer for UPVC. It can increasing the gelation speed with base of lead salt and lead soap.Used as PP and PE halogen absorber to eliminates negative impact on residual catalyst to resin color and stability, improves resin’s yellow index and fluidity.Lubricant in polyolefin fiber and mouldedwork.Mold release, plasticizer, lubricating grease’s thickening agent, textile’s water proofing agent, paint flatting agent etc. for rubber processing.Used as good  dispersing agent in color masterbatch,filler masterbatch.Used for food additives, forage additives and cosmetic etc.

Storage      Keep it in airtight containers and dry, cool and dark place. Damp-proof, far from fire and no contact with corrosive matter.

Packing      Net 20kg, polyethylene bag .Net 15kg, paper bag on pallet.


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